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JAMstack; Javascript Apis Markup
JAMstack; Javascript Apis Markup

JAMstack is a website delivery architecture that uses JavaScript to deliver dynamic content and an interactive user experience while delivering a website statically, such as serving HTML from static hosting or a CDN. The acronym JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup on a website.

Concept[edit | edit source]

The term "static" may have some bad connotations, thus the development community wanted a means to overcome this. It provides together a word to define the construction of a dynamic web app in the present era.

Some contend that the JAM in Jamstack has passed, but the ideas are still relevant.[1] We still rely on Markup to provide a website or application, and we have the option of enhancing the experience with JavaScript and APIs.

Despite using the word "stack," Jamstack is more of an architectural design. It's a base and a set of guidelines that, when combined, offer a potent approach to creating online apps.

References[edit | edit source]

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