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Gratispaideia is founded on the ground of improving the reliability of information shared on the internet.

The core aim of this project is to collaboratively:

  1. Address the neutrality of information on the World Wide Web, both taking political and non-political actions to curate knowledge for everyone in the internet world;
  2. Enhance the level of knowledge being shared on the internet;
  3. Edify a whole person, from the soul, with enhanced information.

Our Mission[edit | edit source]

This page documents the mission statement / énoncé de mission of the Gratispaideia. Our Mission promulgates our project scope, purpose, plan and aim.

The mission of Gratispaideia is to Collaboratively Address the Neutrality of information on the World Wide Web, Enhance the level of knowledge shared on the internet and development of knowledge and scholarly contents, practically provided under a free license or in the public domain and to efficaciously distribute it to the global community.